About Dr. Stewart


I have been a psychiatrist in full time practice since 1970. My interest has been outpatient work. In the late 1980's I made the transition into a dual therapeutic and medication model of practice. Today I run a large outpatient psychiatric practice in coastal Maine.  

In recent years I've seen how the computer can make a big difference in office efficiency. I tried several large office management programs but they were expensive and hard to use for records. I kept coming home tired and worn out. Clinical Record Keeper™ came about as a result of my own busy practice. I don't have a secretary. By using my own software program I'm able to do all my own paperwork.

Clinical Record Keeper™ is designed by a clinician (me) for clinicians. Its simple and intuitive format reflects my many years of experience in the trenches. Many hundreds of practitioners have been happily using the Windows version of CRK™ for the past 5 years. They really like my software programs!

I believe that CRK™ and CRK–Mac can help anyone keep clinical records on computers with minimal muss, fuss, or bother. It will streamline your administrative work and leave you fresher at the end of the day. My wife agrees as do the many Windows users of my programs. Now with Clinical Record Keeper–Mac you can enjoy the benefits of CRK™ as well.

I am so grateful for what my Clinical Record Keeper™ software has done for me and my practice that I want to share it with others. I look forward to helping you get efficient too!

Charles M. Stewart, M.D.
Blueberry Harbor Software, Inc. 

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